Yoel Blondin

Age: 26
Nationality: Dominican
Coaching Level:


Gabriel Harding

Age: 27
Nationality: Dominican
Coaching Level: Certified E
Quote: “We’ve all been given a gift, the gift of life. What we do with our
lives is our gift back.” – Edo




12 thoughts on “Coaches

  1. Papa el nombre de Peter es asi. Felicidades por este gran proyecto, seguimos en contacto, muy buena conversacion esta maniana, las olas estaban de 15 pies en el momento que hablamos.

    Un abrazo.

  2. We are the oldest soccer brand on the planet and have a new 6000 sq. mtr. factory located in Puerto Plata.
    809-545-6444 my cell
    I am leaving for A game in Bolivia now and will be back late this week. If interested we can talk then.

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