Want to Help?

Thanks to all of the support so far we’ve finally become a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization by the IRS! What does that mean? That means that your donations are tax deductible and fully legit! Again, many thanks to all of those that have helped out in the past and for those that haven’t yet, now is the perfect time!

Where does your donation go?
95 USD = One fully geared player with their own ball.
55 USD = Shoes and socks for one player
25 USD = Shirt and pants uniform
15 USD = Shin guards
10 USD = Small backpack for kids to put their gear
20-40 USD = One ball (we prefer better made balls as they last a lot longer)
2 USD = Water for one practice

Sponsor a player:
By donating any monthly amount you can sponsor a player. What this will do is every time you donate, that money gets put aside until one or all of the above can be purchased for that player. If that player already has a full set up then it will go to another player who has yet to be fully geared. Once all players are geared, sponsoring a player will help pay for the coaches, field maintenance and coaching supplies (in order of what is needed most).

2 thoughts on “Want to Help?

  1. I am a medic in the guard and work at madigan and see this first hand. I sioetmmes work with these ghys directly. Dont have much money to give but still want to help more. I volunteered at the WTB christmas party last year and enjoyed it.

    • Awesome. Well you could help spread the word. Or stop by and help out with the practices. Anything that will inform more people about what we do would be greatly appreciated.

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