Cabarete Futbol - A Not For Profit Organization

We would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who has made a contribution. Whether you donated funds, materials, clothes, time or in any way made a contribution to the organization THANK YOU!!!! Check out all of the names and organizations that have helped out below (ordered from most recent contribution).


Gene Bruseau
Jeff Newsome
Eric Osterlund
Robin Weaver
Christopher Villarreal
Carmen Perez (Segunda Casa)
George Coutu
Aleksic Petar
Yoel Blondin
Angela Giannini
Patricia Thorndike Suriel
Clarisa Billini
Quetica Billini
Maria Aida Billini
Ben Draper and family
David Huddleston (
Eric Hertsens
Dennis el Megafono
Horacio Badia
Ricardo Elias
Marcus Boehn
María Eugenia Harding
Elssy Hernandez
David Charkas
Patricia Suriel
Antonio Marás
Jesús Lopéz
Ramirez Mella
Julio Martinez
Rafael Martinez
Antonio Bozo
Sebastien Harding
Gabriel Harding
Alejandro Harding
Anita Harding
Lorena Carbonari
Whitney Harrelson
Julien Hautier
Gustavo Vieira
Cristina Accioly

If you have helped in any way and we forgot to put your name on the list simply send us an email at and we will have it added as soon as possible.



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