Cabarete Futbol - A Not For Profit Organization

Our mission is to provide a safe environment to support underprivileged youth by engaging them through sports, camaraderie, teamwork and commitment.  By providing a safe environment, children are engaged and shown the importance of education, avoiding drugs and avoiding those wanting to do them harm.  Not only do we aim to improve their soccer skills but also teach them to work together, distinguish right from wrong and show them the beauty and opportunities that life has to offer through example and discipline. Our goal is to enrich the lives of disadvantaged youth and guide them to fulfill their potential.

  • Juergen


    just stumbled upon your website. GREAT idea! Playing and coaching futbol has always been my big passion, even during my career as a tennis player and tennis coach. I spent the last two winters in Cabarete, will be coming back in the beginning of 2013 (thinking about settling down there permanently). I was always thinking about doing something with kids and sports in the DR. Your mission and motto is great and I know from my own background that sport can make such a big difference in people’s life in general, but especially for kids. As soon as I am back in the DR, I’d like to meet you guys. I think that I can help you a lot raising funds through various contacts in the world of sports all over Europe, and in the tourism industry.
    Keep up the good work!
    Juergen Strenger

    • Gabriel

      Thank you! It is a great place to live. We look forward to meeting you and any help you can provide would be amazing!

  • ben


    Hello, I’m very happy with what you are doing in helping the kids of Cabarete, but i was wondering if maybe you could also include baseball in your charity work as that is by far the #1 sport in the dominican republic and is a passion for ,many of the kids growing up in the dominican. Thank you

    • Gabriel

      Thank you. Also we would love to be able to do all sports but would require some kind of contribution that would allow us to purchase all of the gear and equipment needed. Also more volunteers would be needed as there are currently only two people who donate there time.

  • dennis


    My name is Dennis and I run the Storm Futbol Club Academy kenya.

    I want to talk to you about helping the youths in my academy in Kenya.

    I have many young talented boys who love to play soccer but sadly we lack many resources and soccer gear.

    I ask that you please help us with a donation of soccer equipment; even second hand gear will help.

    We need uniforms, balls, boots,gloves etc. Any little

    • Gabriel

      Hey Dennis!

      I sent you an email!

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