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  • Andrea Schneider de Guzman


    Hi! My name is Andrea, I am Pablito Guzmans Wife and I currently live in Berlin, Germany. I love to support you. I will try and contact local soccer teams here and see if they like to donate equipment and I will also contact the Berlin League Club, where I am a member since years. Pablito and me always tried to support the next windsurf generation and I saw how great sport is for the kids! Let me know anything I can do:-) Keep up the great spirit! Love from Berlin!

    • Gabriel

      Thank you!! Any help is greatly appreciated. I sent you a Facebook message. Keep us updated on the status of everything over there. You can email me personally at

  • Mimmo


    Hola a todos, yo soy Mimmo entrenadore de la SOSUA SOCCER SCHOOL, me gusteria organizar algo con ustedes para hacer jugar los ninos junto….
    Yo tengo dos equipos de 6/7 anos y 8/9 anos, se ustedes quiere vamos a organizar un evento en la cancha de nosotros en Sosua.
    Gracias Mimmo
    FB. sosuasoccerschool

  • Roger


    Hey Guys,

    Good luck with this great effort 🙂

    i have put an extra link to your website on

    The more links, the better for you guys 😉

    Keep up the good work


    • Gabriel

      Awesome, thanks for the link!

      -Peace, Love, Happiness

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